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Cohort 2 – Session 2 of 6
Entrepreneurs E-Commerce Academy Cohort 09-17-2022
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A Home for BIPOC Startup, Direct-To-Consumer (DTC) Brands

An Entrepreneurs E-Commerce Academy Workspace


Growth and Scale are the primary focus here. Join our Accelerator if I am prepared to build a team, blast off and then grow big fast - very fast.


Unlike our Accelerator, the Incubator's primary focus is on innovation. We help nurture my disruptive business model and build out it's success over time.


A four-to-six-week, immersive curriculum designed to get my E-commerce venture out the gate and ready for orders.

Workspaces + Event Center

Private Suites, Business Center, Virtual Reality Wellness Center, Gallery and 100-person event space. And more!